Peer Support

 What Is Peer Support?

Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) are extensively trained individuals who have been through the “lived experience” of the Mental Health system  and are at a place in their own recovery where they are ready to help others. The CPS is an example of a person’s ability to overcome the barriers created by symptoms of mental illness and lead a successful and satisfying life.

Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) are able to listen to what you are going through but their role is not to provide a participant with counseling.  Peer Support Services is NOT treatment.  A consumer can participate in other services such as case management, outpatient therapy, etc., in addition to Peer Support.   Also, you do not have to be involved with treatment services to receive Peer Support Services.

Who Is Eligible? 

  1. A Participant must be 18 years  or older
  2. A Participant must have a presence or history of serious mental illness based upon medical records with a diagnosis by a psychiatrist or Certified Nurse Practitioner.
  3. A Participant must have moderate to severe impairment due to mental illness that interferes with or limits at least one of the following domains:
    1. Education
    2. Social
    3. Living
    4. Vocational
    5. Self-maintenance
  4. A participant must choose to participate in the program
  5. A participant must have CCBHO/Medicaid as their insurance or be eligible to receive services

How Do They Become Eligible?

Call 570-265-0977 or 1-888-322-1682 and ask for the Peer Support Manager

Services That Are Provided In The Home And Community:

  • Vocational – Resume building, interview skills, finding community employment resources
  • Social – Building skills to help overcome social anxiety, finding community resources to help with social integration
  • Living - Build skills to find affordable and safe housing, resource development regarding housing, building living skills such as budgeting, cleaning and home organization, and cooking
  • Educational - Gaining your GED, searching/applying for college
  • Self-Maintenance - Hygiene, creating a healthier lifestyle, time management skills 

How Are The Services Paid For?

CCBHO/Medicaid pays in full for these services

How To Access These Services?

Call 570-265-0977 1-888-322-1682 and ask for the Peer support Manager