Drugs & Alcohol Services

What is the Drug and Alcohol Program?

The Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program’s goal is to assist individuals experiencing issues related to substance abuse or addiction.  NTC provides Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Services to Bradford and Sullivan County’s.   Drug and Alcohol services can include diagnostic assessment, individual, group, couples and family therapy.  Levels of Care Assessments are completed as requested by the court system as well as those seeking services voluntarily.

Treatment in the Drug and Alcohol Program can include various interventions based upon the needs of the participant.

We provide Drug and Alcohol education and prevention services for adolescents who may have had experience with the legal system.  We partner with the local District Justices in Bradford County to offer education and prevention classes to adolescents in lieu of those adolescence experiencing solely legal consequences for their choices.  We hope that through education and prevention services we can curb further issues from arising


Who Is Eligible?

We serve Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults.

Where Is It Located?

NTC Drug and Alcohol Services are provided in  our N. Towanda office in Bradford County, that address is 24272 Route 6 Towanda.

How Are The Services Paid For?

A participant may pay full fee for services if they do not have insurance.  A participant’s insurance carrier will be billed if they meet diagnostic criteria.  We accept Pennsylvania Medicaid and Medicare and many insurance plans.

How To Access These Services?

Please call our Intake Department at 1-888-322-1682 to begin your intake process.


HELPFUL LINKS-  www.compass.state.pa.us