Behavioral Health Rehabilitation

The BHRS program is a voluntary mental health service for children and adolescents with a severe emotional and/or behavioral disorders or developmental disability. The services are provided in the child’s home, community settings or at school.

The Goals of BHRS are to:

  1. Promote the health, wellness, and prevent a more restrictive level of care
  2. Help children and adolescent with mental health disabilities be successful in their home, school, and community.

BHRS is initiated with a Best Practice Evaluation conducted by a Mental Health Professional and over seen by the Licensed Psychiatrist.  The Best Practice Evaluation will identify treatment recommendations and goals.  After the Best Practice Evaluation an Interagency Service Planning Team Meeting will be held to solidify treatment goals and service delivery.

Recommended levels of care:

  1. Behavioral Specialist Consultant: A Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) is a Licensed Professional who holds a Masters’ degree. The BSC will work with caretakers and children/adolescents to develop a treatment plan to address specific behavioral needs. They assist participants in understanding the reasons for behavioral challenges.
  2. Mobile Therapist: A Mobile Therapist (MT) is a professional who has at least a master’s degree and provides individual and family therapy in a participants home or the school setting.
  3. Therapeutic Staff Support: A Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) works under the direction of the BSC or MT to carry out the participants individualized treatment plan. The TSS can work in the home and the school setting.

The BHRS personnel cannot replace school personnel or assist with any academic related work. The BHRS staff cannot take the place of a parent or caregiver nor take a participant anywhere in the community without the parent or caregiver being present. The BHRS personnel cannot provide transportation to a participant or their family members.

Eligibility for the Program

To be eligible for BHRS a child or adolescent must be identified with a Behavioral Health diagnosis by a psychiatrist or licensed psychologist, thus making the services medically necessary. Following the initial evaluation an interdisciplinary team meeting will be held to coordinate service provision for the individual.



Where are the services provided?

BHRS works in homes, schools, and in the community.  All initial evaluations for BHRS are conducted in our N. Towanda office at 24727 Route 6 Towanda PA, 18848

Who pays for these services?

CCBHO/Pennsylvania Medical Assistance/ Access Card are the only funding sources that will pay for BHRS.

How do I access these services?

If you are interested in an evaluation please call our office at 1-888-322-1682 and ask for our intake department. Referrals are accepted from individuals, families, schools, community agencies, providers of children and adolescent services, community physicians and other sources.

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